[PlanetCCRMA] alsa, ass and jackd question

Serie gmunu@free.fr
Mon Jul 25 23:27:02 2005

I have seen a program call "oss2jack" but it seems to be for 2.4 family 
Does someone have been able to compile it on a fc3 machine?

Emmanuel Serié a écrit :

>I have a question avout alsa,oass and jack.
>Is it poosible to use some applications wich don't run with jack, like 
>Audacity, when jack is running.
>For exemple, when I am runnig Ardour or Rosegarden and I want to use for a 
>little moment Audacity, or an other application which use alsa or oss, I must 
>stop jackd...
>Is it possible to proceed in a manner such that alsa,oss and jack can run 
>Maybe by doing something in the asound.conf?
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