[PlanetCCRMA] Fedora 4; Linux File Systems

Bill Bain bill_bain99@yahoo.com
Mon Jul 25 18:37:01 2005

I wasn't able to d/l the Planet CCRMA Fedora Core 3
iso images and get ones that would pass the md5sum
test (tried all weekend), but my son snagged a book on
Fedora 4 from his roomate that has a DVD of Fedora 4,
so that's probably what I'll install to replace this
CentOS installation.  Since I'm hardly skilled enough
in Linux to be of much use in beta testing, I'll wait
for the Fedora 4 Planet CCRMA versions and use this
CentOS installation to learn something of Linux in the
meantime.  I had a bit of a time adding a second hard
drive to the system, for example, but I finally
figured it out (fdisk was in the /sbin directory
instead of /usr/bin and it took some digging to find
it, for example).  Thanks to all that responded to the
questions I asked.

One question, however.  The book notes that Linux can
support several different types of file systems: ext3,
Reiser, vfat, etc.  Are any  of them better suited to
audio processing than others, or does it not really

Bill Bain

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