[PlanetCCRMA] Newbie question re: ALSA

Phill Hardstaff phill@hardstaff.com
Sat Jul 23 14:44:00 2005

> Bill Bain wrote:
> > I'm new to Linux, but there's got to be some method
> > for it to report what's already installed, right?

Try Kpackage if you want a GUI for this, forget exactly how I installed it, I 
think it's part of kdeadmin, try "yum install kdeadmin" then see if it shows 
up on the "System Tools" menu. It will load everything thats installed and 
you can type alsa in the search box and get the same list you get through the 
command line method but much more, you have 3 panes on the right hand side 
where you can see the properties of the RPM in great detail, the file list 
and change log of the package, if you are used to a GUI this is the way to 
go :)