[PlanetCCRMA] System slowing down with Ardour FC4/edge-kernel (softirq-tasklet)

chromdildo chromdildo@t-online.de
Thu Jul 14 01:46:01 2005

Hello everybody,

I got a little problem since upgrading from FC3 -> FC4.

Running the latest planetccrma-core-edge kernel (I think
Machine: AMD 2800+, 1GB RAM, M-Audio Delta 1010LT-Card.

Running Jack(RT) AND Ardour (simplest setup) makes the whole system "tired".
"top" reports that a process called "softirq-tasklet" consumes around
90% cpu.

Whats the matter? On FC3 everything was ok. btw. installed a new nVidia
FX5200 (Dualhead/Xinerama).
Got something todo with it?

Thanks for help.

Best regards