[PlanetCCRMA] Is there a list of fc4 builds?

Kenneth cocteau@phreaker.net
Sun Jul 10 04:58:02 2005


    Is there somewhere on the website that it's possible to view a list 
of all that's ready for fc4? If not, I've seen in the recent mailing 
that ardour and now pd is ready, so all I need to know is, if swh and 
tap plugins work. Then I'm set for the upgrade :)

    On a seperate note, I've recently aquired a second monitor, but 
trying to run a dual-head system of fc3 seems to be quite a problem. Has 
anyone tried this with fc4 yet? And if possible could you direct me to a 
guide on how to set it up. I've googled for an answer but all I've found 
was more confusing than helpful.

    Take care



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