[PlanetCCRMA] Re: How to build MIDI intercept code?

Charles Fox charles@robots.ox.ac.uk
Fri Jul 8 09:14:01 2005

Thanks for the replies.  I'd like to get a look at how the ALSA API works 
so I think this time I'll start by hacking up qmidiarp or something.  I 
will bear Pd and PortMidi in mind for when I want to do something bigger 
next time.

(Nice to see you here btw, Prof Dannenberg, I spent a lot of time reading 
your DTW papers last year)

On Fri, 8 Jul 2005, Roger B. Dannenberg wrote:

> Alternatively, look at PortMidi (www.cs.cmu.edu/~music/portmusic) for an
> easy-to-use, cross-platform API for MIDI. (I agree that PD is a good
> high-level way to process MIDI.) I found ALSA very difficult to use and
> poorly documented, so I wouldn't recommend it. If you do use ALSA, you might
> want to read the PortMidi source code (which sits above and calls ALSA) to
> figure out how to use it. I needed a lot of help from ALSA experts to
> implement PortMidi on Linux. Now that PortMidi exists, you can use ALSA for
> low-level MIDI I/O with a lot less pain. -Roger
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