[PlanetCCRMA] mp3 encoders

nigel henry cave.dnb@tiscali.fr
Wed Jul 6 12:05:01 2005

Hi Peter. Personally I'd suggest you encourage the folks that want your tunes 
to get an ogg vorbis plugin for windows media player. 
http://www.resources.ind-music.com/ . When I started with computers a couple 
of years ago I didn't know what PDF's were, and had to get the adobe reader 
for em. Same goes for flashplayer, quicktime,etc. You probably realise I'm 
not into the proprietary stuff!  Even playing MP3's on linux has been a bit 
of a problem. Mplayer plays em, and GQmpeg on Debian, but certainly the .ogg 
format is a lot easier and gives support to open source at the same time. 
Never know, may swing some Windoze users over to Linux audio. If you have 
your tunes on a webserver, a link to the site to get the ogg vorbis plug-in 
for windows media player shouldn't be a problem. Nigel.

On Wednesday 06 Jul 2005 5:14 pm, Peter Lutek wrote:
> the CCRMA docs state:
> "A couple of widely available encoders are available in PlanetCCRMA, but
> are only intended to be used as tools for learning about mp3. If you
> encode your own mp3s you should own a properly licensed encoder."
> however, it appears that neither lame nor bladeenc are in the repository
> any longer. unfortunately, i do need to encode to mp3 in order to allow
> a wide base of windows/mac users to download and use music i'm making.
> does anyone know if there is actually an encoder available for linux
> which is "properly licensed"? even a commercial one would be ok by me.
> thanks!
> -p
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