[PlanetCCRMA] multiple card synching

Michele Spinolo michele.spinolo@tin.it
Thu Feb 24 06:03:01 2005

Hi Mark,

thank you for your reply!

> 1) On your remote source with 3 spdif outputs are you completely sure
> that they are in sync with each other when transmitting? It would seem
> like a reasonable assumuption but it may not be true. Check the specs
> on that device very carefully. Read forums, etc. for that device (what
> is it?) and see if others have had similar results. (good or bad)

I will contact the builder of this stuff, FYI this is the board I am
speaking of:


in negative case do you know of such a device who could sync my 3 s/pdif

> 2) Doing the soldering routine sould be the last thing you do. I would
> think that if the card has the cabaility of being synced via software
> then the developer for that driver should be contacted. On the RME
> HDSP cards we have an application that gives us this capabiltiy. Talk
> to the driver developer and see what you need to do to get him to
> build this capabilitiy.

I already tried to contact the ALSA's driver developer, but he seems not
interested in developing such a capability.
Could you please suggest a RME HDSP card (as cheap as possible :-P ) which
could work for my setup?

Thank you very much!
Michele Spinolo