[PlanetCCRMA] midi permissions

cc26@ohm.york.ac.uk cc26@ohm.york.ac.uk
Tue Feb 8 08:26:01 2005

> You should have permission. Probably "cat" is not the best way to test
> things, try with a real program that sends legal midi bytes. 
> What program is not working?

I have tried - seq24 doesn't work (it displays "disconnected" where the menu
should contain "Serial Midi 0").  Muse also didn't work until I set it to
run suid root - which isn't possible with seq24 as it's a GTK app.  

So ALSA doesn't use these anyway?  Will seq24 be using the alsa way,
whatever that is? - could it then be a problem with alsa config?

Many thanks,