[PlanetCCRMA] Fedora Core 2 and 3 support

mjnoble not8ohm@iinet.net.au
Sun Feb 6 18:58:02 2005


have to say that Fernando you must be one of the busiest and most 
dedicated chaps in the net-audio world, and if you don't find the time 
to service this request, what with building, testing and maintaining 
packages for no less than 4 RH/FC versions, as well as answering support 
emails, performing your academic duties and heaven forbid, having a 
personal and/or social life, I for one will more than understand...

William, one suggestion I would have is to do a search or sort by name 
within your email program for only those messages by Fernando, as he is 
the only sender making announcements.  This greatly reduces the number 
of emails you have to scan to find the announcements.. works for me anyway.


> I probably wouldn't want to see every package that you build for 
> Fedora Core 3 show up in a separate e-mail message, but maybe a 
> message when you have completed your build of Planet CCRMA for it, any 
> new packages that get added to the repository, subsequent updates (so 
> that we know when to run apt_get), and removal of distributions from 
> the repository (e.g. RHL 7.3).  Such a mailing list I would not sort 
> out for reading when needed, but rather I would have it right with my 
> regular e-mail so that I would know what was up in real time (which is 
> what I do for for my Fedora announcements list, too).  I hope that 
> clears things up.
> Peace,
> William