[PlanetCCRMA] Re: PlanetCCRMA digest, Vol 1 #1541 - 4 msgs

Randy Winchester randy@MIT.EDU
Wed Dec 28 13:29:01 2005

>Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 07:29:39 -0800
>From: Brad Fuller <brad@sonaural.com>
>To: planetccrma@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
>Subject: [PlanetCCRMA] upgrade from FC3 to FC4
>Anyone who has updated their FC3 system to FC4 care to describe how they 
>did it? I expect that it is a two step process: 1: update base to FC4 
>and 2: update planetccrma installs to FC4.
>This link seems proper, anyone follow this? :
>I see it is not recommended:
>although the installation from CD has an upgrade:
>it never worked for me in the past. A clean install was always required.
>Any hints most appreciated!
Hi Brad,

I did the live FC3 -> FC4 upgrade using Yum (not recommended, but I did 
it anyway).  It did work for me, except that it broke the NVIDIA driver, 
NTFS access and LIRC.  I was kind of expecting some minor fixes.  I 
easily got everything working again except for LIRC (which fortunately I 
didn't really use anyway).  Just know that doing an upgrade will require 
recompiling new kernel modules for some drivers.  Keep in mind that I 
did not upgrade a FC3 PlanetCCRMA to FC4 PlanetCCRMA workstation.  I'm 
still using FC3 for Planet. 

Randy Winchester