[PlanetCCRMA] almost there??? Midi not working

John Lowry jal@eskimo.com
Tue Dec 27 08:55:01 2005


I have an onboard nvidia nForce2 AC97 audio controller on my motherboard and a
cheapie C-Media Electronics Inc CM8738 card.

I had some problems with configuring nVidia with alsaconf and 'alsasound start',
but installing and using the C-Media card fixed that.

I've gotten to the point where all the apps are installed and the ones I've
tried come up.  Hydrogen, for example, seems to work perfectly.

What I want to do is run Rosegarden, or indeed some other program that allows
note input and speaker output.

I am completely new to this, so here's a basic question:  should I expect the
sound card to produce sound on my speakers from a midi file imported to
Rosegarden?  Or do I need to get some extra hardware, or use a different
program altogether?

Control Center->Sound System->Hardware lists Midi device as
'Rosegarden Rosegarden input - ALSA device'; 'Test Sound' works, 'Test MIDI'
does nothing.

Answers, pointers to the appropriate docs, etc. would be appreciated.