[PlanetCCRMA] Getting started, but getting nowhere

D. R. Evans doc.evans@gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 09:28:01 2005

Ken Smith said the following at 2005-12-24 23:07 :
> To avoid you getting your head blown off with noise Alsa mutes the sound by
> default. Call up the mixer and unmute the sound. 

I already did that.

> There are also directions
> on the website that describe how to make sure the right sound modules are
> loading. If unmuting the sound does not fix the problem then that's the next
> thing to check.

Sorry to be dense, but where are the instructions? The only reference to 
"module" that I can find is in the section on configuring multiple sound 
cards, and I have just the 1010LT (I turned off the mobo sound in the BIOS, 
because I figured that that would confuse matters, and also because all the 
advice seems to be to run with only one audio device).

> I'll be taking a SB live out of my system and putting in a 1010 in the next
> week or so I'm interested in how you get on. It appears that many folks on
> this list use 1010's with PlanetCCRMA just fine.

Yeah, that's why I thought this was going to be easy. Experience should 
have warned me that that was never going to happen.

> Seasons Greetings from the UK

Home sweet home (I'm from Cornwall, but now in Colorado).