[PlanetCCRMA] USB audio question in 2.4.26 (LL)...

Eric Weaver weav@sigma.net
Tue Dec 20 22:07:01 2005

I have this Redhat 9 system that had been merrily running 2.4.24-ll 
which I have now upgraded to 2.4.26 in an attempt to get the latest 
AudioScience & ALSA drivers to compile, etc.  This seems to be done.

Now the Creative-Labs SoundBlaster MP3+ USB audio adapters don't work, 
and I'm perplexed.  The hotplug stuff doesn't seem to recognize them any 
more and I'm seeing "didn't take assigned address 7" sorts of errors.

Anyone who can substantially help me fix this will get lunch paid for by 
the client (might be the easiest lunch you ever got).

[Also, alsactl restore on the ASI 5111 cards goes into a hard hang, but 
that's a separate issue; assistance welcome on that as well.]

Thanks to whoever can shed light on any of the above.