[PlanetCCRMA] No MMC/HUI with Ardour/CCRMA

Peter Baumgartner peter@bssmusic.de
Tue Dec 20 04:56:01 2005

got my Tascam TDM 24 last weekend. While still waiting for the 9652 to 
come, I tried to set up the Control for my DAW ( ardour on FC4, 
2.6.12-0.21rdt.rhfc4.ccrmasmp). The HUI emulation is enabled and working 
with nuendo/windoze, but not with ardour/CCRMA. The delta 1010 gets MIDI 
input, the input is patched to ardour in jack, but no reaction - the 
TDM24 is not recognizing controllable device. I havenĀ“t found any 
configuration in Ardour either. Has anybody yet done this or a hint 
where to look for?