[PlanetCCRMA] udpate: kernel packages for FC4 in the planetedge repository

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun Dec 18 18:48:02 2005

Hi all... new experimental kernels just in time for the Holidays!

(whether it works in your case or not could mean a better or worse
Holiday break, so best luck in your testing!)

THe usual caveat applies, if it is not broken don't fix it. If you are
happy with the performance of your current FC4 kernel there's no need to

These kernels are now available on the Fedora Core 4 PlanetEdge
repository. For details on how to install them please see the online
ChangeLog at:


What's new, in short:
- kernel 2.6.14-0.10.rrt:
  based on 2.6.14 and Ingo's 2.6.14-rt22 realtime preemption patch
  configured now with the PREEMPT_RT option (instead of the more
  conservative PREEMPT_DESKTOP I had been using so far). Much better
  latency behavior! (as usual only if it works on your hardware :-)
- alsa 1.0.10 final
- jackd 0.100.6-0.3.cvs. Includes a patch to not use the TSC by
  default, TSC's don't work correctly on newer AMD dual core
  processors and other cases (there is a new option in jackd to get the
  old behavior back - details in the changelog). 

Feedback welcome[*]!
-- Fernando

[*] although I'm leaving on vacation in a couple of days so I don't
think I'd be able to fix much if something's broken :-( It is good to
know anyway what's going on...