[PlanetCCRMA] Low latency kernel?

Paquita paquita@xs4all.nl
Mon Dec 5 12:07:00 2005

Luis Garrido wrote:

>I am using an USB 1.1 Edirol UA-25 interface with the following jackd
> /usr/bin/jackd -R -P65 -dalsa -dhw:UA25 -r48000 -p256 -n3
With these settings things seem to be much better here as well (at least 
no clicks from Hydrogen until now).

>If you have a modern CPU with frequency scaling (I don't think so,
>since your laptop doesn't have firewire) be sure to set your CPU
>frequency to a fixed value (normally the max), otherwise jackd goes
I do have CPU frequency scaling, the laptop is about 1 year old. It's an 
IBM T42p with a 1.8GHz proc and 1GB of ram, I don't know why they didn't 
put a Firewire port in it, otherwise it is a very good machine.

I just opened Ardour, which is what I want to use to record, and noticed 
that the inputs and ouputs of my card showed up in the Jack connection 
window. I was able to record a short track, apparently no xruns. It's my 
first time with Ardour and Jack, so next I'm going to do some 
experimenting cum doc reading.

Thanks for the tips, they're most useful. And thanks to Fernando too of 
course for the kind support,