[PlanetCCRMA] Here's My Problem

Peter Baumgartner mail@bssmusic.de
Mon Aug 29 09:20:02 2005

Mark Knecht schrieb:

>On 7/28/05, Chaz Kiser <chazkiser@alltel.net> wrote:
>>I've been lurking on the list for awhile now.  I'm fairly good on
>>computers but kind of new with linux.
>>Here's my problem.  I'm pretty sure it can be rectified with linux but I
>>don't know how.
>>I recorded an small low-budget cd in a small local studio a few years
>>ago.  Although I loved the end result, the cd itself never had the
>>loudness that a regular cd had.  I would be playing it at a reletively
>>loud range and then change cd's and always, the other cd would be nearly
>>twice as loud.
>>How can I make these songs louder?
>>On my old recordings there were done with a cheesy four-track, how can I
>>make there cleaner?
>>Some of my old recordings that have been copied over from old tapes are
>>too hot and therefore get a really annoying digital distortion.  Can I
>>clean those up too?
>   Rip the CD to wave files. Load the wave files into Ardour or some
>other Jack compatible player and then take the output of that player
>into Jamin. Tweak Jamin to get the loudness you are looking for.
>Record the output of Jamin back into Wave files and make a new CD.
>   NOTE: This flow means that the audio data will never be deeoer than
>16-bit. If you recorded at 24-bit then that's gone as a CD only goes
>to 16.
Hi Mark,
I think *any* Mastering tool or Hardware (e.g. TC Finalizer?) containing
a Compressor/Limiter could solve his Problem, but only partially:
Mastering is a *non-trivial* task and perhaps You should add that making
a CD louder does not necessarily mean it sounds better.
I am, for my part, being a good mixer, not nearly as good in mastering
as our mastering engineer is - and Im trying for 15 years now ;-))