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"Alexander Carôt" alexander_carot@gmx.net
Mon Aug 22 09:58:02 2005

Hi Emmanuel,

though I havn't been using Jack yet and thus I can't help I'm wondering what
jack.udp is. Can you tell me something about it ?


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> Hello!
> I have a question about the controle of the latence of a signal in jack.
> In fact I have a signal which is sent both to alsa_pcm and jack.udp and 
> I can ear a little latency on the machine which receive the signal from 
> jack.udp (maybe the time of aquisition of the signal through the network).
> I would like that the two signal becomes syncronize so for this I should 
> add maybe few ms to the signal which go to alsa_pcm.
> Does some one know how I could do?
> Thanks,
> Emmanuel.
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