[PlanetCCRMA] Recording with gnome-sound-recorder using CLI

Ron Pepper feffer777@yahoo.com
Thu Aug 18 23:49:01 2005

Still trying to get "Tivo Radio" working. So far I can use CLI to
invoke alsaplayer to connect and play WLS radio (or other streaming
stations) and start gnome-sound-recorder. I can manually start to
record and save an mp3 of the broadcast (to play back later on my

How can I get gnome-sound-recorder to start recording using CLI? I
don't see a man page and gnome help doesn't show me either. I know
it's a very simple app, but I'd like to use it. Anyone know how I
could invoke it to record? Also does g-s-r support a timer function,
like -t(seconds)? In the end, I need to start my play/record script
in unattended mode.


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