[PlanetCCRMA] Qjackctl settings for Delta 1010LT?

Timo timo.sivula@gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 20:33:02 2005


What kind of settings for -n and -p in Jack are you 1010LT owners
using and what kind of latencies do you usually get?

I am running a Intel 865GFBL mobo, 3 GHz P4 with HT, 1 GB RAM and a
Delta 1010LT on FC3 CCRMA. I am using the 2.6.10-2.1.ll.rhfc3.ccrmasmp
kernel. My setup is to run Rosegarden and Qsynth with a couple of
really big soundfonts + the B4 VST organ. I have been trying to get
decent latency  with this system. Both -p 64 -n 2 and -p 32 -n 3
result in xruns within an hour or so. Alsaplayer produces xruns as
does xmms, too. I have tried the edge kernel but it hangs my machine,
so no luck there.

br, Timo