[PlanetCCRMA] USB2 Soundcard

Emmanuel Serié e.serie@free.fr
Thu Aug 4 10:14:01 2005

Le Jeudi 4 Août 2005 04:42, Hector Centeno a écrit :
> I would like to share my experience with an USB audio interface. I have
> a M-Audio Duo and after using it for a while I think I would recommend
> anyone to stay away from any USB audio card, unless you don't mind high
> latency and/or system freezes. As far as I know there is still some fine
> tunning to be done to the USB controllers in Linux in order to have a
> reliable use for audio (I get this from reading some posts in the
> linux-usb.org mailing list). The lowest latency I can get with my Duo is
> 23msgs with some occasional xruns. I was able to get a latency as low as
> 11msgs with the edge kernel 2.6.12-0.21 but the dream didn't last long
> because since some days ago my system is freezing just by starting Muse
> or Rosegarden. When I use the cheap Intel 8x0 audio card integrated in
> my motherboard I can get a latency as low as 5msgs with jack... and no
> xruns! So obviously there is something with the USB protocol that is not
> flowing properly. So, if you can, stay away from USB and better get a
> PCI interface. I'm planing to get a M-Audio Audiophile so I can connect
> my Duo and use it as standalone preamp, phantom power and DAC through
> the SPDIF (the preamps are good)... by the way, anyone here has an
> Audiophile? What is the latency? Is it fully functional in Linux?
> good luck!
> Hector

Thank you to give us your experience!
I have no idea about the Audiophile.