[PlanetCCRMA] USB2 Soundcard

Hector Centeno h.centeno@sympatico.ca
Wed Aug 3 19:43:01 2005

Emmanuel Serié wrote:

>Le Mercredi 3 Août 2005 15:32, Henk Jansen a écrit :
>>Googling with a combination of "linux support" "firewire" "soundcard"
>>yields quite a bit of information, such as this one (although from
>>August 2004):
>>l However, the comment I was hinting at was made more recently so that lead
>>me to conclude that Firewire is still not that hot with the linux
>Ok, I understand better now!
>So maybe using a Delta cards is a good idea.
>If I have well understand it is more or less standard on Linux but it is less 
>portable then usb or firewire...
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I would like to share my experience with an USB audio interface. I have 
a M-Audio Duo and after using it for a while I think I would recommend 
anyone to stay away from any USB audio card, unless you don't mind high 
latency and/or system freezes. As far as I know there is still some fine 
tunning to be done to the USB controllers in Linux in order to have a 
reliable use for audio (I get this from reading some posts in the 
linux-usb.org mailing list). The lowest latency I can get with my Duo is 
23msgs with some occasional xruns. I was able to get a latency as low as 
11msgs with the edge kernel 2.6.12-0.21 but the dream didn't last long 
because since some days ago my system is freezing just by starting Muse 
or Rosegarden. When I use the cheap Intel 8x0 audio card integrated in 
my motherboard I can get a latency as low as 5msgs with jack... and no 
xruns! So obviously there is something with the USB protocol that is not 
flowing properly. So, if you can, stay away from USB and better get a 
PCI interface. I'm planing to get a M-Audio Audiophile so I can connect 
my Duo and use it as standalone preamp, phantom power and DAC through 
the SPDIF (the preamps are good)... by the way, anyone here has an 
Audiophile? What is the latency? Is it fully functional in Linux?

good luck!