[PlanetCCRMA] Denormals info required

nigel henry cave.dnb@tiscali.fr
Mon Aug 1 13:01:01 2005

Hi folks. I left Soundtracker on all night after saving my work, and the 
following morning saw it hogging 100% CPU. Fernando was talking about 
denormals on an app a while back. Is this likely to be a denormals problem on 
Soundtracker? It was totally locked up, no doubt to it taking all the CPU. 
I'd just like to know a bit about denormals if someone could enlighten me. 
Also Specimen was hogging CPU before the latest upgrade. Was that a denormals 
problem, or just a bug in the program? Just trying to learn a bit more. 

Soundtracker was run on Debian Sarge on testing (Etch) repo.
I'll try soundtracker overnight on FC2. Totally planetccrma.
I'll also try it on Debian, playing a track allnight and see if the problem is 
still there in the morning. ( Not through the sound system, as it will 
probably get a bit monotonous)