[PlanetCCRMA] Lookign for quick, simple, command line MIDI recorder

Charles Fox charles@robots.ox.ac.uk
Mon Apr 25 03:22:01 2005

Hi guys,

When I'm playing around on my keyboard (often just for 2 minutes whilst
taking a break from bayesian statistics) I sometimes come up with little
keyboard riffs that I'd like to keep and maybe make intoa composition
another day.  However to record them in Rosegarden requires about 3
minutes of loading and fiddling.  

I'd like a tiny command line tool that lets me type 'midirec' or
something, that will instantly record the MIDI in stream and save it in a
.mid file.  This seems like an obvious tool to have.... is there one
included in planet CCRMA?  What's it called? 


Charles Fox
DPhil student
Pattern Analysis & Machine Learning
Robotics Research Group
Dept. of Engineering Science
University of Oxford, UK