[PlanetCCRMA] 64 bit Fedora Core 3?

Mark Knecht Mark Knecht <markknecht@gmail.com>
Sat Apr 23 17:37:00 2005

On 4/23/05, Brad Fuller <brad@sonaural.com> wrote:
>  Mark Knecht wrote: 
>  On 4/23/05, pirrone <pirrone@localnet.com> wrote:
>  I've got a system scheduled to arrive soon on which I expect to try
> Fedora Core 3 64-bit. What support is there on the Planet for this OS
> choice? It's not clear looking at the site, or at least I couldn't find
> anything on this.
> Also, I assume when Fedora Core 4 is out that it would not at least
> initially be possible to use this OS with the CCRMA software. Is that
> correct? If so, when might this version of Fedora be supported?
> Thanks!
> Frank
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>  Frank,
>  I'm curious - is it an issue of support or is it an issue of
> optimization? I thought the FC3 kernel (and all others that I know of)
> run fine on AMD_64 processors but they just don't take advantage of
> the 64-bit nature of the processor.
>  I put together a mythtv box with FC2-64bit (AMD) and it was tough to get
> all of the apps in 64bit (this was 6 months ago). I had to build most of
> them myself and I ended up with a fractured KDE environment on top of it
> all.
>  I could have gone the route of FC2-32bit and not worry about it -- but I
> didn't know there was so little support for 64-bit apps at the time. Most
> posts to this ml have suggested to stick with 32bit for now.
>  So, I'm curious to hear the responses of Frank's message.
>  brad

Interesting. I'm just today tryign to set up a MythTV box on Gentoo.
the hardware works from the command line. I think it's recording
within MythTV. My problem now is getting it to play back. What the
heck is X-Video and how do I turn it on?

Sorry - don't want to hijeck Frank's thread here. Send me a note off
lst if that's best although I think this is the sort ofthing that gets
difficult on AMD_64 from what I've read about.