[PlanetCCRMA] Newbie Alert! Install questions

Mark Knecht Mark Knecht <markknecht@gmail.com>
Mon Apr 18 08:00:02 2005

   Hi. Welcome to the fold. Good luck with your journey.

   I think that probably a better way to think about this stuff is to
see your machine as having two things on it:

1) The original distribution you install. In this case you've gotten
interested in and chosen FC3. Cool. Reasonable choice.

2) PlanetCCRMA stuff LAYERED on top.

   Nothing about the Planet software detracts or subtracts from the
FC3 install. FC3 is still there. The Planet enabled machine uses new
FC3 releases along with what it supplies to give you a total solution,
but you still have choices:

1) When FC3 is installed it gives you a kernel.

2) When you install the Planet stuff you'll get a second kernel. This
kernel is low latency and groovy for audio but in all other ways (that
I understand) it's pretty much the same sort of beast as the FC3
kernel. Just newer and shinier and faster.

3) Both kernels are still on the machine and you can choose the one
you want to run at boot time.

Installing new software before doing the Planet upgrade is done with
yum. Installing new software after the upgrade is done with both yum
and apt. apt handles the Planet stuff. yum is used by up2date - the
Fedora/Redhat tool for doign upgrade.

Both kernels can run Gnome or KDE or whatever windowing environment
you want to run.

As for the Alsa stuff FC3 will have a version of Alsa and the Planet
kernel will install a second version of Alsa. when you run each kernel
you get the correct version of Alsa. The Planet kernel and the
Planet's version of Alsa will be newer and more appropriately set up
for using the audio apps supplied by the Planet.

Anyway, I hope this helps a bit. Enjoy your trip through the fun
universe that Fernando has created for all of us to use. It's great!


On 4/18/05, Sammy <spity@mrlab.net> wrote:
> Sorry to interrupt, but I've got a few questions about using the
> PlanetCCRMA discs for Fedora...
> I've only been using linux about 6 months so forgive me if the answers
> are obvious. After sampling a few distributions, I'd settled on Fedora
> 3. I installed Rosegarden from source after mucking about for a while
> just trying to find the right libraries. Roegarden won't work... ALSA
> sound card issues I've been told.
> I went through the Planet tutorial for Fedora 2 and 3, starting with
> apt and the alsa drivers, but after installing the new kernel, i still
> have all the rosegarden issues, plus more... none of my external
> devices will work.
> Since i wanted to reinstall anyway, i thought I'd try the apt-enable
> distros.
> If I do, I know the apt will be preconfigured, but what about the rest
> of it? Will I still need to install the alsa drivers and installed the
> modified kernel?
> Thanks for the help.
> S
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