[PlanetCCRMA] Acer laptop

David Fraser davidf@sjsoft.com
Sun Apr 17 11:00:02 2005

Peter Lutek wrote:

>>> I got the impression that USB might be too slow for audio , but I 
>>> may be
>>>   mistaken... Are there situations that would require the speed of
>>> firewire? Initially input would be with mouse or (computer-)keyboard,
>>> but later, hopefully, a decent keyboard-synth. (This is very amateurish
>>> stuff, at least for now...)
>> USB is pleantly fast enough for audio, or at least a few channels of
>> it. I think the technical problems with USB lay more in how it does
>> the work technically, but not that it won't work. There are pleantly
>> of folks around using although I'm not.
> as one real-world example, i've recorded 18 channels of 44.1kHz audio 
> to a  single external USB2 drive with my acer laptop. no problems.

What model ACER laptop do you use? Does it work well with CCRMA?
Considering getting one so would be helpful to know...