[PlanetCCRMA] Requesting help choosing audio card

Peter Lutek plutek@infinity.net
Fri Apr 15 13:09:01 2005

>> I got the impression that USB might be too slow for audio , but I may be
>>   mistaken... Are there situations that would require the speed of
>> firewire? Initially input would be with mouse or (computer-)keyboard,
>> but later, hopefully, a decent keyboard-synth. (This is very amateurish
>> stuff, at least for now...)
> USB is pleantly fast enough for audio, or at least a few channels of
> it. I think the technical problems with USB lay more in how it does
> the work technically, but not that it won't work. There are pleantly
> of folks around using although I'm not.

as one real-world example, i've recorded 18 channels of 44.1kHz audio to a  
single external USB2 drive with my acer laptop. no problems.