[PlanetCCRMA] Requesting help choosing audio card

Frode Petersen fropeter@online.no
Fri Apr 15 10:41:01 2005

Mark Knecht wrote:
> As for 1394 vs. USB the 1394 support right now is quite new and
> therefore may have bugs, etc. USB is more mature, probably less buggy,
> and maybe suited just as well for some sort of 6-in, 6-out solution
> you might be looking for. 1394 devices also tend to cost a bit more
> (or a lot more) since they do not sell in as large volume as USB
> devices.

I got the impression that USB might be too slow for audio , but I may be 
  mistaken... Are there situations that would require the speed of 
firewire? Initially input would be with mouse or (computer-)keyboard, 
but later, hopefully, a decent keyboard-synth. (This is very amateurish 
stuff, at least for now...)

> You also probably have a cardbus slot on that laptop so don't
> completely discount it. Unfortunately the one cardbus solution I know
> of for Linux (RME HDSP) is a bit pricey but very well supported. It's
> more I/O's than you are probably looking for and might be overkill,
> but if you've got the money it could be a great solution if you're in
> this for the long haul. More resale value also.
> Those are just some thoughts. Not to take any of it too seriously.

Absolutely most helpful!

> cheers,
> Mark