[PlanetCCRMA] Requesting help choosing audio card

Keith Hanlon kamera@gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 06:39:01 2005

Frode Petersen wrote:

> More newbie ponderings regarding this:
> One thing that is a bit unclear to me regarding needs, is what exactly 
> outputs are used for. If you want to use different softsynths through 
> ,say Rosegarden, and maybe some audio tracks simultaneously, but only 
> need to produce a stereo mix, or even create a CD directly, do you need 
> more than a pair of outputs? What would the benefits of added outputs be?


I'm such a linux audio newbie that I don't even have my DAW set up for 
it yet. I'm still running Windows XP with Vegas. I'm looking forward to 
installing CCRMA soon... :)

I have used multiple outputs for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, I want 
to send a signal to a hardware unit and record it back in. I have a few 
units that aren't EXACTLY reproducable with a plugin (spring reverb, for 
example). So I'll need two outputs for sending the signal (if it's 
stereo) and two outputs to send to my board for monitoring.

I recently started experimenting with mixing through my board as well. 
It's a very different way to work, and sometimes I prefer it. I can send 
the mix to my 2-track analog machine, or record it back into the computer.


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