[PlanetCCRMA] qsynth/fluidsynth

Aaron Trumm aaron@nquit.com
Thu Apr 14 00:53:01 2005

hi again.. now - fluidsynth

I could've sworn six months ago I had qsynth installed on a planet box and
it was relatively simple to load a bunch of sound fonts in the "setup"
dialog, then go click on channels, right click each channel, and choose
edit, and it would show me all the soundfonts and I could create a
multitimbral synth by choosing different ones for different channels...

but tonight, i'm right clicking, choosing edit, and getting only the first

down in just fluidsynth from the command line I'm pretty much in the same
boat - can load a font, it gets assigned to channel 1 - then if I load
another one, it just replaces it and there's no way to assign them to
various channels

does anyone what am I doing wrong?  or is there a problem going on?