[PlanetCCRMA] wierd hanging of jack, or some other process using fc3 edge kernel

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Apr 6 10:37:01 2005

On Wed, 2005-04-06 at 08:23, Shayne O'Connor wrote:
> >On Mon, 2005-04-04 at 16:25, Shayne O'Connor wrote:
> >>> On Mon, 2005-04-04 at 12:57 -0700, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
> >>>> > On Mon, 2005-04-04 at 04:56, Shayne O'Connor wrote:
> >>>>> > > this is pretty vague, but i've been getting sporadic hanging of - i
> >>>>> > > think - the jack daemon with the latest CCRMA edge kernel for fedora
> >>>>> > > core 3.
> >>>> > 
> >>>> > Have you looked at /var/log/messages or the output of dmesg? I smells
> >>>> > like something is causing a kernel oops, and after that happens all bets
> >>>> > are off in terms of how usable the system remains. 
> >>> 
> >>> i've dug through the system logs, but didn't find any explicity mentions
> >>> of a "kernel oops" (i've been wondering - what the heck *is* a "kernel
> >>> oops"?),
> >
> >Basically it is a "crash" internal to the kernel, it finds some internal
> >inconsistency that should not happen, reports an error (grep -i oops to
> >find them) with a stack dump and shuts down a portion of the kernel. In
> >extreme cases the machine hangs completely - the kernel is so confused
> >that nothing else is allowed to happen. In other cases just a driver
> >crashes and then anything having to do with that driver hangs, which may
> >mean the whole thing hangs or just weird things happen. 
> ok, i managed to catch the output of an Oops! just now using dmesg after
> jackd hung again ... this is using the latest edge kernel for FC3. i
> think i'll have to leave planetedge and take it easy on planetnormal for
> a bit :)

You may want to post the oops to the alsa developers list, at this point
this may be fixed in cvs but you never know, may be something new.

-- Fernando