[PlanetCCRMA] Re: latest kernel rocks

William M. Quarles walrus@bellsouth.net
Sun Apr 3 12:05:01 2005

William M. Quarles wrote:

> If you can figure out why Fernando's (and others') repositories don't 
> work and yours do, I think the Fedora Project community would be in a 
> lot of debt to you.  Maybe they will finally listen to you about Fedora 
> Extras. ;-)

Actually Axel, I just checked one of these bugs to see if there had been 
any updates yet, and it seems that you participated in one of these 
discussions, too.  So I guess that you are familiar with the problem.

Anyway, they obviously aren't paying much attention to these bugs, 
otherwise the developer in charge would have linked them together by now 
and said that one depends on the other or that they are duplicates. 
He's just letting them hang.