[PlanetCCRMA] Migrating to Edge: Expectations & Anticipations?

Jason Balicki kodak@frontierhomemortgage.com
Sat Apr 2 22:01:01 2005

Gregory McCourt <> wrote:
> Hello. I'd like to install the Edge kernel. I expect I'll need to
> re-install the nVidia driver, but please do correct me if I'm wrong.
> Is there anything else I should expect? Is there anything I should
> anticipate? Are there apps that run on the Core kernel that have
> problems with Edge?    

I just installed PlanetCCRMA again earlier this week, and when
I did I used the edge kernel right away (I did get the low-strength
formula as well) and everything worked fine.  At first.

Inexplicably tonight my system decided that it couldn't load
the modules for either of my soundcards (on board and sb live)
even though earlier today they were fine.

My first indication that something was wrong was that a
CD wouldn't play.  I tried to load alsamixer (I thought
the CD volume was down) and I got "no alsa enums" (not
exact, I'm no longer in that kernel, more later.)  Anyway,
dmesg says:

snd_emu10k1: Unknown parameter `'
snd_cmipci: Unknown parameter `'

I'm not in that kernel anymore, but there was another
message when I tried to modprobe the modules by hand.

Earlier today I added the capability to connect via a pptp
vpn to work and rdesktop in to my XP box there.  This
involved building a kernel module (kernel_ppp_mppe)
and this may be involved, however I'm now in the
2.6.10-2.1.11.rhfc3.ccrma kernel, connected via that
same vpn and rdesktoping in.

I'm going to attempt to remove and reinstall the edge
kerenel and see if it helps, but I just wanted to
warn you that strange things are afoot at the circle

Good luck,