[PlanetCCRMA] Pulling USB cable on FC2 machine causes keyboard and network to crash...

jim branagan ccrma@themusenashville.com
Sat Apr 2 02:06:01 2005

>>I think I've read of similar things happening (don't remember on which
>>list). Most probably a kernel bug.
>OK. In that case where do I report it? (Assuming I try it again and
>the problem repeats...)  To Alsa's mantis site and let them deal with
>it? Someplace else?
Is USB hotplugging supposed to work in linux?  I always assumed this was 
one of those rough edges we didn't have right yet.  I seem to be able to 
hotplug a keyboard or a mouse, but trying with a USB drive, digital 
camera or CD writer crashes, hangs, or causes other weird behavior.  
I've almost never tried to reproduce such behavior; in fact I generally 
avoid doing anything I'm afraid will crash the machine.  When I tried 
the camera and USB hard drive on a new FC3 installation, plugging in the 
USB drive or unplugging either the hard drive or the camera crashed the 
machine so hard there isn't even an oops in the logs. 

e. james branagan
the MUSE  Nashville, TN