[PlanetCCRMA] Clik the Noisy Penguin presents:

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Apr 1 12:09:02 2005

To answer the wishes of many potential Planet CCRMA users that are
worried about lengthy downloads (understandable) and lengthy reading
sessions of the never-ending, sometimes unintelligible and incomplete
Planet CCRMA Install Guide, we are proud to present:

  "Planet CCRMA 3", The Distro!

One (1) 650 Mbytes CDROM[1] that contains:

- live Planet CCRMA cd, will boot on Intel/AMD and PPC machines. 
- simple install on hard disk from the live boot with automatic
  repartitioning, no questions asked[2].
- animated interactive 3d tutorial of all included audio and video apps
  featuring Clik the Noisy Penguin (you'll love him!).
- full emulation layer for most Alien OS audio/video programs[3]

Upon insertion of the cdrom in a supported computer you are not faced
with tough choices or hard to read guides, the boot prompt will say:
If you answer "l" (or even "L"!) the system will autoselect the proper
image and the boot will proceed in about a minute - on a fast Pentium II
machine with at least 32Mbytes of RAM - to a complete live system with
all Planet CCRMA supported applications already running in their full
glory. In addition, if you boot from a cd recorder you will be able to
save your music projects into spare space in the cdrom (it is not
completely full). Answering "t" to the "what?" prompt will "T"ake over
the whole system and install Planet CCRMA after erasing everything in
sight. Simple. 

[NOTE: after booting into the live system pressing "t" or "T" at any
time will start the "T"ake over procedure, so be careful!]

But that's not all. 

If you fill a very simple online questionaire you can activate a
fantastic _BONUS_ shoot'em up musical creativity game - but try this
only if you have a very very fast video card and find an open source
driver for it. In "Clik the Avenger" you will have to guide Clik through
vast underground caves while it is being attacked and/or helped by
different software program icons. It is up to you to recognize them in a
split second and decide whether they are friend or foe! Watch out, you
don't want to shoot Ardour by mistake! 256 levels of hair raising terror
and utter confusion[4]! 

Of course Planet CCRMA The Distro not only includes audio/video apps,
but also office productivity and internet applications, servers and all
the stuff you might want to run (away from?) when not making music. No
compromises there!

-- Fernando

[1] how is that possible, you ask? What compression is being used? How
can everything be included in one disk? In its spare time Clik has
created a new AI technology that "borrows" code snippets from an already
installed operating system (only Windows XP and Mac OSX supported at
this time, sorry, this will not work with an already installed Linux OS)
and assimilates them into its own custom nanokernel and nanoapps
packages. It is no longer necessary to include everything in the cdrom
itself, most of the stuff is already in your hard disk, somewhere! Very

[2] one partition that spans the whole disk is automatically created.

[3] another smart solution to the problem of having to actually learn
new programs, SE (Skinny Emulation) uses intelligent dynamic
reprogrammable skin generators that "hide" existing open source
audio/music programs behind a (very thin[5]) gui translation layer that
emulates programs that are popular on other operating systems. No
retraining! Features that emulated programs have, but are not part of
any of the existing free software equivalents are gracefully handled by
crashing the emulated program or the whole computer, no one will ever
notice the difference!!

[4] some tough moral choices are present in the more challenging levels,
for example, how to react to icons that represent programs that can be
built on free and non-free platforms? Are they friend or foe? Both?

[5] as in "wafer thin mint"