[PlanetCCRMA] general question about package size for audio

nigel henry cave.dnb@tiscali.fr
Fri Apr 1 10:12:00 2005

Hi Tom . I'd say about 6 hours. I've had worse ones to download, like up to 30 
hours on dial-up. It may or may not be less with FC3, for instance if there 
are open office updates for FC3 your looking at 35-40MB a time. If your 
paying by the minute its not too good, but if you have a monthly payment its 
just the time it takes. I find FC1 and FC2 both good versions of Fedora. All 
the best and enjoy the music apps. Nigel.

On Friday 01 Apr 2005 7:06 pm, tom poe wrote:

> Hello:  I just installed Fedora Core 1, and want to get the audioapps
> loaded.  I am at the step to have apt-get download.  It reports that
> there are 129MB to download.  I'm on a 56k modem.  It's a 2.5-4.9kb/sec
> rate.  Any mathematician to tell me how many hours that is?  :)
> My question is, if I reinstall with Fedora Core 3, would that change the
> amount I would have to download?  Would it be less?
> Thanks, Tom
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