[PlanetCCRMA] Need help getting CMedia / Delta 66 / Jack / Ardour working together.

Brian Jarrett bjarrett@garcoschools.org
Wed Sep 29 21:58:01 2004

I've been working on this all throughout the day today and I haven't really gotten anywhere.

What I'd like is to get the CMedia onboard sound and my brand-new Delta 66 working together specifically so I can send sound out to my PC speakers until I can afford a good studio monitor setup.

I've edited modules.conf and think I have everything correct there because once I've started JACK, I cat /proc/asound/cards and see them both listed.  I currently have the CMedia as card 0 and the Delta 66 as card 1.

Once JACK is running I show 12 inputs under asla_pcm and 10 outputs!  The delta 66 has 4 analog and 1 spdif in and 4 analog and 1 spdif out.  Where are the other ports coming from?  Is there a way to change their name so that it's more descriptive?

I was doing some playing with an ~/.asoundrc file based on some posts found on the internet, but that didn't seem to change anything.

I'm also having problems with Ardour in that I can't see the master track and I can't create any tracks.  Once, after moving my ~/.asoundrc file to ~/oldasoundrc I launched Jack and then Ardour, and the session created the master track and allowed me to create more.

As far as I can tell I think the drivers are all in place and working properly.  I can run alsamixer -c 0 and it brings up the levels for the CMedia.  Also, running envy24control -c 1 gives me the Delta 66.

What else do I need to check/configure to get JACK to show the appropriate connections available (with more descriptive names if possible)?  And then what is wrong with Ardour that I can't do anything with it because I can't add a track and there is no master track to start with?

Jack is 0.94.0  Ardour is 0.453.1
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.