[PlanetCCRMA] Fedora 1 or 2Gentoo vs. Fedora 1/2, plus Q's about my hardware

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Sep 27 18:19:02 2004

On Mon, 2004-09-27 at 06:26, Patrick - DJUnderground.com wrote:
> Now, the questions...
> Which Kernel to use?
> It looks as if 2.4.x is the way to go.  Is there any specific 2.4.x
> kernel to use?  Why not use 2.6.x?  Is there any downfall whatsoever
> to using 2.6, and is it not recommended?  I'm not looking to spend a
> million hours trying to figure out what's wrong - instead I'd rather
> use something that will work.

2.6.x has more potential in terms of low latency operation. But the
current 2.6 stock kernel is not as good as 2.4.x with the proper
patches. There are patches out there that are trying to get better low
latency operation in 2.6.x and they are getting close, but they don't
work in all hardware configurations (yet). 

> Gentoo vs Fedora 1/2
> I've grown quite fond of Gentoo over the past few months, mainly
> because of its ability to fine tune and tweak the kernel to the exact
> specs you want it to.  On the other hand, I use Fedora Core 2 on my
> VPS for all my web hosting clients.  I actually installed FC2 on the
> Pavilion and was quite impressed at how quick and painless it was to
> install.  FC2 compared to Gentoo is simple, so simple I thought I
> missed a step with the automatic install :)
> After reading up on http://www.gentoo-wiki.com, I noticed that the
> CCRMA has a couple ebuilds for Gentoo, which are based on the Redhat
> install.

It is the other way around. Somebody (sorry, can't remember who) at
Gentoo set up the ebuilds so they could use the source and patches I use
for the Planet CCRMA kernels. Planet CCRMA did not set that up or
mantains it. 

> Do these ebuilds work as effectively as the Redhat/Fedora
> kernels, and if not, what's wrong with them?  Basically, I'm trying to
> get the lowdown as to why Fedora Core 1/2 is still being used over
> Gentoo, aside from personal preference.

Each distro has advantages and disadvantages, use whatever feels more
comfortable and has best support for the apps you are interested in. And
it is not just Fedora versus Gentoo (which is your question). Add to the
mix Debian (with Agnula), Slackware (with AudioSlack), Mandrake and so
on and so forth. Plenty of options :-)

-- Fernando