[PlanetCCRMA] Newbie Questions

mjackson jackson@scsr.nevada.edu
Fri Sep 24 12:02:33 2004

I've compiled the source CCRMA kernel using core linux rather than use 
RH or FC1 kernels as I don't use those distributions for linux (I rather prefer Peanut Linux).

I've read about patches for kernel 2.6.8 that is suppose to give good low latencies. Is there
any reason for using kernel 2.4.26? what about adding clustering? wouldn't adding computers
joined together increase the cpu power of your system?

Is there a web site that can explain these patches in more detail (without turning into essay)?
I understand low latency, preemptible, dma for audio extract, and capabilities but what is drm, nfs, & 
variable Hz? why an alsa rtc patch? I don't think I'll need the usb or lm_sensors patch. I want to know
why I'm doing what I'm doing, not just blindly doing something. 

VERY IMPORTANT: what benchmarking software do you use to measure low latency? windoze has lots
of them but what do you experts use? I need something that can really show me the result of my work.