[PlanetCCRMA] ardour timing out )

Jakub Niewiarowski jniewiar@st.swps.edu.pl
Thu Oct 28 14:56:04 2004

in general I have exactly the same problem as described below by Mike.
I've tried FC1, when the problem appeared, but switching to FC2 didn't
help at all. My system is P4 2.2ghz 512 ram, with something like 4200
rpm hdd notebook with integrated audio codec (ich 4). Yesterday I've
installed kernel#, what makes whole
system working pretty much better, unfortunately not jack and ardour.
The problem is happenig after stopping playback in ardour what makes
fast increase in cpu load up to 100% and pretty slow down of the whole
system. Stopping jack helps - it removes cpu load.
I've tried diffrent combinations of settings in jack/ardour and also 
diffrent booting options like acpi=off or pci=noacpi, but none
Any ideas?

Uz.ytkownik Mark Knecht napisa?:

> On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 23:02:03 -0500 (CDT), mike@banta.psyc.missouri.edu
> <mike@banta.psyc.missouri.edu> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I've never been able to boot the low lat. kernel on my machine, and
>> manually patching a stock kernel fails too.  I've managed to have a 
>> system (very high latency), but now ardour keeps crashing during
>> mixing..saying that jack shut down because ardour was too slow (jack 
>> running of course). My xruns are usually very high, but the following is
>> after 5(18).
>> Jack gives the following:
>> alsa_pcm: xrun of at least 32.876 msecs
>> late driver wakeup: nframes to process = 2048.
>> late driver wakeup: nframes to process = 2048.
>> late driver wakeup: nframes to process = 3072.
>> subgraph starting at ardour timed out (subgraph_wait_fd=20, status = 0,
>> state = Running)
>> client failure: client ardour state = Running errors = 1
>> I'm running rh9 with blackbox on a 2.8ghz celeron, with the newest jack
>> and ardour (by ccrma apt).  Any advise on how I can remedy this, or 
>> I work really hard to get a (FC1, FC2, ?) low lat. kernel to boot?
>> Thanks for any advise, I hope one day my creativity can catch up to the
>> awsome power you've given my machine,
>> Mike
> Mike,
>    If you're up for trying it, I have managed to get what appears ot
> be a very nice kernel built on top of FC2. I think that the newest
> kernels, 2.6.9 based, are going to work out pretty well when they
> stabilize. If you haven't been able to boot a 2.4 Planet kernel on
> this machine then it would seem that maybe going to FC2 would be a
> better choice?
>    What sourd of sound card are you working with.
> - Mark
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