[PlanetCCRMA] machine drums and analogue recordings...

Björn Elenfors Björn Elenfors
Tue Oct 26 12:39:01 2004

Hi folks!

Got planet CCRMA installed and working, I think.  No fuzz there. 
Tried a little multichannel recording with ardour and it works like I
want it to...

Now I wanna do the following: 

Prorgam a simple drum pattern on the computer, played by a drum
machine or something similar (sequencer and sample player?).  Record
bass guitar and electric guitar to the simple beats.  Modify the drums
to suit the guitar tracks, and then get the whole thing down to  a
stereo master track.

How would I go forward with this?   I've heard of MTC but am not
really sure if it's what I'm looking for...