[PlanetCCRMA] problem updating audacity

al goldstein gold@gas.zipcon.net
Sun Oct 24 13:55:02 2004

I am trying ccrma code for the first time. My first exercise is to update
audacity from 1.20-pre3 to 1.2.2. (I'm using audacity as an rpm because
I was unable to build uwWindows due to a dependency hell in GTK.)
If I run "apt-get install audacity" the message comes back audacity is
already the latest version.  And "apt-get update audacity" doesn't work
either. Looking at the freshmeat site it doesn't appear there is stuff for
1.2.2. Am I correct in this assessment? I'm using RH-9 with a custom kernel
2.4.20. Thanks!

Al Goldstein  at gas.zipcon.net