[PlanetCCRMA] Gnome or KDE on the planet?

David Fraser davidf@sjsoft.com
Fri Oct 22 14:41:01 2004

Timo Sivula wrote:

>I am using Gnome since a few years, only because I have always used Gnome and Red Hat. 
>Last night while composing "that ultimate song" I, again, noticed that Rosegarden is a bit sloppy on my machine, and just for testing switched over to KDE to see if Rosegarden would be more responsive in it's native environment. I do not know how the other applications work in KDE, but at least Rosegarden was clearly better in KDE than Gnome.
>Which desktop are you using? Are there clear benefits in either or?
>br, Timo
Hi Timo

Admitting that I don't do much media stuff, I would recommend taking a 
look at xfce, particularly the latest beta.
Much more lightweight than KDE or Gnome, and still easy to use and 
Although for KDE or Gnome based apps you'll need to load those libraries 
anyway... But xfce doesn't give you much basic overhead in the first place.