[PlanetCCRMA] Re: Mailman results for PlanetCCRMA

guerrier guerrier <guerrier@gmail.com>
Thu Oct 21 14:34:01 2004

My setup two weeks featured win98 and planetccrma's FC1.  last week, I
installed Demudi 1.2.0.  The Demudi installation was easy.  I got a
message, that  "libsensors3 not functional"; but i'll reinstall it
my problem is with grub.  demudi's grub replaced the ccrma's grub on
my master boot record; and as such, ccrma doesn't appear as a boot
option.  I read-up on grub here

Can I simply combine combine the two menu.lst file in a text editor,
by copy/paste the entry regarding ccrma's kernel(2.2.26)  in the
demudi's menu.lst.?

And should I keep entries in  of the red-hat-FC1 kernel and the
ccrma's (2.4.22)?