[PlanetCCRMA] Future OS direction

Mike Witt mike.witt@computer-arts.net
Thu Oct 21 08:51:00 2004


I hope this is an appropriate list to ask a non-technical question.
If not, someone please redirect me.

I'm new here. I've been using "Logic" on a PowerBook for some time,
and I'd like to move my musical activities to an Open Source based
system. I've been looking at PlanetCCRMA and I'm curious about the future
OS strategy. I'm not completely clear about what's going on with
Fedora, so I might have this wrong, but it appears that it is only
a "temporary" measure to support Red Had Linux with updates for
a while.

If that is correct, then can someone tell me what the long term plan
is for PlanetCCRMA? If I'm wrong about Fedora, then perhaps I could
get some advice about how best to start putting together a system
to run CCRMA. Should I try to find some RD9 CDs and install them
and then update from Fedora?

Once again, if these questions are too basic for this list, I
apologize, and perhaps someone could point me to a better source of