[PlanetCCRMA] audigy2 and cmedia - no sound no midi

Chris Miles chrismil@cix.co.uk
Tue Oct 19 15:46:01 2004

michel access wrote:

>than after /sbin/chkconfig --add alsasound
>on /sbin/chkconfig --list alsasound
>i get:
>alsasound       0:off   1:off   2:on    3:on    4:on  
> 5:on    6:off
>Q3 are they supposed to be off?
Yes, they are telling you whether alsasound runs at a particular run 
level. The "normal" run levels are 5: full graphics and  3: text mode 
only. So that is fine.

>state after all this - no sound from both cards, kmid
>(the only programme i can figure out to check my midi
>input) dont show anything in midi devices and in the
>volume control mixer i have a tab for cmedia and one
>for sigmatel but no emu10k1... 
>can anyone help with shedding some light on my missing
>audio? and if possible in very simple terms...:)
Alsa always comes up muted. I found it quite a grind getting that 
sorted. There is something in the CCRMA docs talking about saving the 
mixer state; the alsasound service should do that on a normal reboot 
(once you have got going of course!).

I tried any mixer I could find until I got a reaction;  usually if the 
drivers were not loaded I could not use the mixer, so just getting a 
mixer program running was a success. As someone else has suggested check 
for mutes on the master and pcm channels and up the volume to 80%, say.

It is not the prettiest and the keyboard is a bit quirky but alsamixer 
is one of the best. "h" gives some help. F2 quite a bit about what it 
has found (from /proc). "m" to mute/un-mute (the screen gives you 
feedback on what's happening), left-right to select, up-down to adjust 

Initially I didn't worry what the software was calling things. When I 
had sound going I paid more attention.

Good luck!