[PlanetCCRMA] Hammerfall HDSP 9652 Configuration Issues

Sebastian Doeweling lists@inshadows.de
Thu Oct 14 07:18:02 2004


o.k. That information helped - with the help of amixer (or hdspmixer 
respektively) I configured the soundcard for 96kHz playback and jack 
comes up. I am even able to "play" sounds with eca-play (not able to 
hear anything because there's nothing connect to the hammerfall).

And just a few minutes ago I even happened to use a play with 
jack-plugin. So I guess it's time to take the next step.

I'm afraid I will bother you again with some questioning, but for the 
moment I'm content that the penguin has been defeated.

Best regards and many thanks,

Mark Knecht wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Oct 2004 17:26:56 +0200, Sebastian Doeweling
> <lists@inshadows.de> wrote:
>>as a starting point for my diploma thesis I'm trying to configure a
>>Hammerfall HDSP 9652 Soundcard. 
> Proper accomplishment of this taks is worth a Master's degree! ;-)
>>Yet I don't have to much knowledge about
>>  professional audio.
>>I sticked to what I found on google and here on Planet CCRMA for
>>configuration and some things worked out fine. Still I have some issues
>>I cannot resolve.
>>For example alsamixer still shows "no mixer elements". I experimented a
>>bit with "jack" and there too I have some things not working as I
>>expected. For example jack comes up fine, if I have a sample rate below
>>48,100 Hz, but doesn't start if I go higher.
> The HDSP driver purposely does not export the controls alsamixer wants to see:
> 1) Use hdspmixer instead. Proper use of hdspmixer is the first step to
> your Doctorial degree. ;-)
> 2) Use hdspconf to view HDSP 9652 card status and to change
> frequencies, to some extent. I wrote an email about this on some list
> over the weekend. (Possibly PlanetCCRMA, but I do not remember. There
> appears to be a bug in the HDSP driver that won't allow JAck to switch
> the card between the 1x rates and the 2X rates.
> a) Use hdspconf and set the card to either 32K, 44.1K or 48K. Using
> Jack change the card's frequency. You can only change between 32K,
> 44.1K or 48K. you cannot change to 64K, 88.2K or 96K.
> b) Using hdspconf set the card to a 2X rate. Using Jack change between
> the 3 2x rates, which works. Using Jack, attempt to change to a 1X
> rate. It doesn't work.
> Also, please remember that the RME cards only work with a setting on
> -n2. Apparently the HDSP 9652 driver will not allow a value below
> -p64, where as my ATI sound chip will.
> Good luck with your thesis! 
> - Mark
>>I append a bunch of data which I hope will be useful. Maybe someone has
>>got an idea where I'm doing wrong.