[PlanetCCRMA] dj_eq 1901 is mono in pd?

patrick puredata@11h11.com
Wed Oct 13 17:46:01 2004

hi there,

using the ladspa dj_eq in pure data (planetccrma release) i found a 
problem with it: it's mono!

this is how i call it in pd:
plugin~ dj_eq /usr/lib/ladspa/dj_eq_1901.so

print gives me this:
This is plugin~ version 0.2 -- NO WARRANTY -- Copyright (C) 2000 Jarno 
dj_eq: "DJ EQ"; control 3 in/1 out; audio 2 in/2 out
Loaded from library "/usr/lib/ladspa/dj_eq_1901.so".
Control input(s):
  #1 "Lo gain (dB)"
  #2 "Mid gain (dB)"
  #3 "Hi gain (dB)"
Control output(s):
  #1 "latency"
Audio input(s):
  #1 "Input L"
  #2 "Input R"
Audio output(s):
  #1 "Output L"
  #2 "Output R"

steve told me that it's supposed to be stereo. it's the ID 1907 who 
supposed to be mono... any idea about this problem?